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Hello! My name is Rosemary, and I love Petz and Babyz!

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Hi! I'm Rosemary! Welcome to my petz site! I used to have a petz site in January under roxyspets or something, but I don't go by Roxy anymore nor do I have any of those old pets. RIP Barbie and Curly. Now, I have a fresh start, I plan to hex more and make whole new breedz! I wasn't around as a kid for the releases of the first versions of Petz, but now that I have my own laptop and free reign of the internet I can join petz and babyz communities! I hope I can meet lots of kind people! Besides Petz, I like horror, puppetry, art, astrology, and music. I also like ravecore, cottagecore, lovecore, scenecore, liminal spaces, and backrooms.

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10/8/2021 11:05 am EST - Finished profiles for Skip and Anubis

10/7/2021 10:49 pm EST - Created a crew page & a few icons for my petz

10/6/2021 8:23 pm EST - Just made the site


uhh smthn will be here soon,,